The Benefits of Learning to Play a Musical Instrument

Below is an interesting article outlining eighteen of the many benefits of learning to play an instrument:

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My thoughts…

There’s something about playing music that allows you to switch off from life’s stresses, deadlines and demands in a way that other pursuits do not. Playing an instrument is demanding and requires your full attention and lots of practice, yet it is somehow extremely relaxing and therapeutic. It is this combination, I believe, which makes it so effective as a stress reliever and bringer of joy.

When you are learning to play an instrument, you regularly feel a warm satisfaction when you succeed in playing something that you were previously unable to master. You are wholly taken in by what you are doing, such is the concentration required, to the extent that there is no room for work, studying, bills or appointments to make an appearance in your mind. This allows you to disconnect from the chaos of modern life whilst still being productive and developing your intelligence and skills. I believe this sort of stress relief and satisfaction to be of the sort that lasts and is continually rewarding.

However, the benefits of learning to play an instrument aren’t exclusive to the budding musician herself/himself. Music is there to be shared, and the music of one person is able to bring joy to many. From the day you can confidently hold together your first simple tune, you can start sharing your newly discovered gift with your family and friends. Even if you’re not a performer, or if you don’t like being the centre of attention, the opportunity will surely arise when you’ll be able to improve someone’s day by playing a simple tune.

To summarise, music is rewarding through it’s simultaneous simplicity and complexity. You carve out your own journey into the world of music, first through your choice of instrument, later through your choice of music and so on. Your playing skills and learning experience will be unique to you, and that is one of the things which makes it so popular yet personal as a past time.

Alex Danson