“I can’t play any musical instruments… I’m not musical”

Many people who haven’t applied themselves to learning to play a musical instrument, or who have suffered from a negative music learning experience in the past, have managed to convince themselves that the above phrase is gospel and that they’ll never be able to learn a musical instrument. They’re just not made for it…

Here’s the good news:

“That’s a load of rubbish!”

There is no such phenomenon as being born “musical”. There isn’t a musician on the planet who hasn’t had to commit hours and hours of practice towards acquiring and honing their craft. The people who learn faster and develop quicker are always those who spend the most time practicing, without exception.

The reasons for this are logical. Much of playing a musical instrument or reciting a musical piece involves muscle memory as well as the ability to build a connection between the brain and the muscles being used to play the instrument in question. The only way to build up your muscle memory and to strengthen your coordination is through repetition, and lots of it.

Nobody is naturally wired to play their instrument, they work at it, get it wrong a few hundred times, then it finally clicks! Persistence is necessary, but the most important thing is to rid yourself of the fear of playing something wrong. The best way to learn anything is through messing it up and learning from your errors.

There are no short cuts, and as with anything worth doing in life, it takes a lot of time and effort to obtain the ability. The good news is that the road is enjoyable and rewarding. The even better news is that it’s open to everyone!

There are so many instruments to choose from and you are sure to find something which will suit you.

If you’re not sure which instrument would be best for you then you would be best served by trying out the instrument you tend to listen to most when you listen to music. Which musician do you most often watch when you see live music on television? Do you air guitar, play the air keys or sing in the shower?

It is important that you choose an instrument that you hear in many of your favourite songs as this will act as a motivation for you. It will make the learning of the instrument much more enjoyable and you will be able to visualise the end result more easily. We always ask our pupils for their favourite songs and artists and incorporate those songs into our lesson plans so that the lessons are relevant to the pupil personally.

If you are still not sure which instrument you’d like to learn, you can always come along and try something out. At Clearwater Music School, we don’t have tying contracts or strict timetables and you can book lessons when they suit you. Why not book your first one today? We do our best to fit around you so give us a call or an email and hopefully we’ll be able to set you off in the right direction.

The Clearwater Team