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Richard Ashworth, Guitar Teacher, Chorley, Preston, Blackburn

Meet John!

John is currently a lecturer of Music and part-time session guitarist based in the North West
of England. He has worked as a session guitarist for a major record label and performed within high-end musical theatre pit bands. He is a PGCE Certified teacher with a background in high school education, and studied at Bristol Institute of Modern Music where he achieved his Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Performance.

He is also the lead guitarist for popular Preston-based band The Accused, who regularly perform for high-end corporate functions and weddings. John’s areas of expertise range from Jazz and Country to Fusion and Rock. He is a music theory teacher and experienced with ABRSM, RGT and Rock School exam boards.

Acoustic guitar lessons in Brinscall

The acoustic guitar is making a rapid rise as a popular instrument due to the prevalence of the singer songwriter in today’s music scene as well as things like Radio 1’s live lounge and other acoustic sessions which are becoming a necessity for the majority of today’s popular artists.

The ability to get the acoustic guitar out at a moments notice and have everyone singing along is a great plus point to this instrument and there is no need to plug it in and carry lots of equipment as is necessary with an electric guitar.

Another reason people choose to learn the acoustic guitar is that due to the fact that the instrument is bigger and that the strings are thicker than it’s electric counterpart, the movement from acoustic guitar to electric guitar is much easier than the other way round.

Our acoustic guitar lessons are aimed at enabling you to play as a solo acoustic musician, accompanying yourself, as well as being able to play alongside other musicians in a band or duo. We want to give you the practical techniques so that you can be a competent and effective player of this fantastic instrument.

Whether you are learning for fun or wish to pursue graded examinations, we can give you the tools and guidance you need. The most important thing is for you to continue to enjoy playing a maintain your enthusiasm since it is this that drives you to practice and ultimately become the best player that you can be.

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