Electric Guitar Lessons

Richard Ashworth, Guitar Teacher, Chorley, Preston, Blackburn

Meet John!

John is currently a lecturer of Music and part-time session guitarist based in the North West
of England. He has worked as a session guitarist for a major record label and performed within high-end musical theatre pit bands. He is a PGCE Certified teacher with a background in high school education, and studied at Bristol Institute of Modern Music where he achieved his Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Performance.

He is also the lead guitarist for popular Preston-based band The Accused, who regularly perform for high-end corporate functions and weddings. John’s areas of expertise range from Jazz and Country to Fusion and Rock. He is a music theory teacher and experienced with ABRSM, RGT and Rock School exam boards.

Electric Guitar Lessons

The electric guitar is an excellent instrument and one of the most versatile instruments available. It is still used in much of todays rock and pop music both live and on record and is still just as important today as it was in the 60s.

The instrument has developed a lot over the last 60 years and it’s use has broadened vastly. With the variety of amplification technology and effects available, you can make a guitar sound pretty much however you want which is why the instrument is so versatile.

At Clearwater Music we aim to teach you relevant contemporary guitar playing in a way that perfectly suits your needs. Knowing that the necessary techniques that you need to learn to become a competent player can be found in hundreds of real songs, we will ask you in the first lesson what songs you hope to be able to play in the near future and we will tailor future lesson plans to incorporate these songs. This will have the result that not only will the lessons be effective in making you an independent and effective player but you will also find the lessons fun and rewarding along the way.

About Our Electric Guitar Lessons

The lessons given are tailored to the individual. you will always be asked for a list of around 10 songs after the first lesson that you want to be able to play so that we can incorporate those songs into the techniques we teach you, making the lessons more interesting and rewarding for you.

Your aims are also catered for whatever they may be. If you wish to do grades, we can teach both RGT and Rockschool, however we will not put pressure on pupils to sit grades. The most important thing is to enjoy playing as this is ultimately what will encourage you to practice and make you the best player that you can be.

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